ONE GWM on full display in Beijing

ONE GWM on full display in Beijing

GWM is pulling out all the stops at this year's Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The show is the largest of its kind in the world, reflecting both the fact that China has grown to become the largest vehicle market in the world and in many respects a technological leader in the automotive industry.

One of the stars of the Beijing show, also known as Auto China, is GWM. As one of China's oldest vehicle manufacturers, GWM is credited as one of the brands that carried the torch of Chinese vehicle manufacturing to the rest of the world. GWM has been selling its vehicles it markets such as the Middle East and South America since the early nineties.

For the 2024 Auto China show, GWM has been granted a large space that consolidates all five of its unique vehicle brands. This fits in perfectly with the group's ONE GWM strategy that seeks to celebrate the unique characteristics and capabilities of each of the brands, while showing pride in the overarching GWM brand.

In the past, GWM allowed its many brands to design and man their own display spaces, spread across the show's massive showgrounds. Now, the well known global brands P-SERIES, ORA, HAVAL, TANK and WEY will stand shoulder to shoulder in a show of force of GWM's major technological capabilities.

ONE GWM on full display in Beijing

To celebrate this unique combination of a host of different brands under the GWM brand, the group has chosen the slogan: “Go long. Go with love from the world.”

For the South African contingent visiting the Beijing Show, all the brands but WEY are well known. WEY is the premium brand in the GWM stable and a popular vehicle range in some of the world's most demanding vehicle markets, including Germany and China.

At the Beijing Show, GWM will showcase the newest generation of WEY models. These models, such as the WEY 05, have redefined what is considered possible in a plug-in hybrid vehicle. In Europe, this model not only offers close to 150 km of electric-only range but does so with a combined power output from its electric and turbo-petrol powertrain of 350 kW.

“There is a global recognition of the GWM brand from customers and corporations such as Forbes, which named GWM as one of its Top 30 Global Pioneer Brands.

Another new model expected at Auto China is the Tank 700. This new model follows close in the tracks of the Tank 500, which will be introduced to South Africa later this year.

As the new flagship in the TANK range, the Tank 700 introduces several technologies not seen before in an off-road vehicle. This includes 12 different terrain modes, an intelligent, adaptable hybrid powertrain that can deliver power to any of or to all four wheels at any time and a super-luxurious interior that features a flagship-worthy 16-speaker Harmann Kardon sound system, facial recognition and some of the largest screens on a production vehicle.

On a higher level, the show will showcase the different technologies and advancements of the GWM group. This includes the GWM New Ecosystem, an engineering platform and a design philosophy that will see different brands lead in different areas of technology, luxury, performance and off-road capabilities, but then also sharing those insights with other brands for them to apply them in their vehicle-development process and with their specific brand philosophy.

For instance, TANK has led the way in off-road technologies and unique approaches to off-road vehicle dynamics. The Tank Turn switch, which allows the vehicle to turn on a central axis in the smallest space possible is such a technology. Much of this will see the light in the new HAVAL models as well as the P-SERIES P500 that is expected in South Africa this year.

Auto China will take place from 25 April to 5 May. GWM will share a host of new product launches and technologies during this time. For more, follow GWM South Africa on social media.